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Ball Boys Oct 2018

The first home match at Portman Road with the new manager at the healm and Capel Plough Under 13's / 14's were given the opportunity to act as ball boys around the pitch.  

Excitedly waiting outside the ground with the ITFC representative, who I must say was brilliant, they went off to the briefing of their dos and dont's and their role in the game.  The adults found their seats and looked forward to an afternoon of excitement and waited tentatively for our players to walk onto the pitch. 

Not a great roar from the crowd for our youngsters, but we made up for that seeing them arrive on the pitch and taking their seats around the edge of the pitch.  Throughout the game they were thrown into action a few times and all of them had a great time.  

Shame we couldn't see Ipswich win, but a draw and an atmosphere froma great game of football was all we needed.