Players Code of Conduct

I accept that by becoming a member of Capel Plough Football Club I will abide by the following conditions:

Training and Playing

  • I will play to the best of my ability.
  • I will play fairly, I won’t cheat or complain or waste time.
  • I will respect my team mates, the other team, my coaches and referee.
  • I will shake hands with the other team at the end of the match.
  • I will listen and respond to what my manager/coaches tell me.
  • I will attend all training sessions and arrive at a time agreed with the team manager.
  • I will attend all matches and arrive at a time agreed with the team manager.
  • I will notify my team manager if i am not able to attend training or matches.
  • I will let my manager know if I have an injury before a match or training session and whether I get hurt at any time during a match or training session.

General Behaviour

  • I will not engage in any form of bullying, threatening behaviour, or abusive language towards any person whilst i am representing Capel Plough Football Club during any club activities.
  • I will support and celebrate the successes of all teams within Capel Plough Football Club.


  • The playing kit that i am given by Capel Plough Football Club will remain the property of the club. If i leave the club, I will return all of the kit. Failure to do so may result in compensation being requested and may prevent me from representing any other club until either the kit has been returned or compensation has been paid.
  • On match days, I will only wear Capel Plough FC branded kit; this includes match kit and any tracksuit tops/hoodies that would have been provided at the start of the season. The only exceptions to this should be for adverse weather conditions or where I have not been provided with relevant Capel Plough kit.

Parents / Supporters

  • I will ask that my parents/guardians or any other members of my family or supporters do not:
  • Behave inappropriately or use bad language at training sessions or matches.
  • Tell me how to play the game or shout at me when I am playing football during a match, because this will confuse me with the instructions given to me by my coach/manager.
  • Berate the match officials and question their decisions because this behaviour will get my parents and the club into trouble.
  • Encroach onto the football pitch, because the players could be injured if they run into them.
  • Moan about the decisions that the manager makes, we are a team and he is responsible for the whole team, not just me.

I will encourage my parents/guardian to:

  • Take me to the training regularly, because i want to become a better player.
  • Get me to the matches at a time agreed with the manager because i need to warm up.
  • Help the manager with any match day duties.
  • Support the team manager with his decisions and not to be upset if i am substituted or i don't start the game.
  • Help my teammates and me by giving us encouragement and supporting us, we may not win all of our games but we will try very hard and give our best. We want to enjoy our football but it is hard when we are being criticised by our parents.
  • Join in with all the other mums and dads and generate a good team spirit.
  • Congratulate the opposition whether we win, lose or draw and uphold the sense of fair play and sportsmanship.

Social Media

  • I will adhere to the clubs Social Media policy at all times.

Photography Guidelines

  • I will adhere to the FA Photography Guidelines document.